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Is There an Alternative to Glasses & Contacts?

A young woman lying in optometrist office getting ready for eye surgery, while her optometrist holding her head.

Many people rely on glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision and thus experience the world with clarity. However, for some, the discomfort, maintenance, or aesthetic concerns associated with these traditional vision correction methods may lead them to search for alternatives.  Advances in technology and medical research have introduced other options that can offer […]

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Can Laser Eye Surgery Correct the Need for Reading Glasses?

A couple sitting on a couch together while using an iPad.

The advancements in vision care have shown themselves in many ways, from specialty lenses for your glasses to specialized contact lenses for your unique visual needs. Laser eye surgery is another option that can help clear up your vision and addresses refractive errors. Laser eye surgery can serve several functions, including correcting refractive errors.  Let’s […]

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